With over 40 years experience in making foods for aquariums and aquaculture, we have been at this for a long while.  Our contacts, sources, and talents in this arena are unmatched.   We stay on top of the most up to date research and we venture to many parts of the globe -  some very remote - to find the freshest, most natural, and high-quality ingredients we can find.

    We import Krill Superba from Antarctica, Krill Pacifica from Alaska,   super-quality fish eggs from Iceland, salmon eggs from Chile and red marine copepods (Calanus) from Norway, just to name a few.   

    We are passionate about knowing what aquarium fish eat in their native habitats and we strive for perfection in duplicating those natural diets.   Since our early experiences in food production in the 1970’s, we have sought to do this by using  FRESH NATURAL Seafood – human consumption-type seafood.  Nobody could believe that we would be willing to buy expensive “people-foods” like shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels, and squid….just to feed our aquarium.  “My fish are eating better than I am” was a common remark.

  We would also go to the beach to collect fresh green and brown seaweeds to comprise the “vegi” part of our natural diets.   Everything Natural and Everything Fresh was the requirement in seeking potential components for our special diets.   We would perhaps charge a higher price but we would spare no expense to make it correctly.   We figured the accounting would work itself out eventually.

 We never used cheap fish like "Perch" as an ingredient because marine tropical fish, except for the predator-types, do not eat fish.

They eat tiny crustaceans, fish eggs, fish larvae, zooplankton, sponges, tunicates, coral polyps, and benthic algae – crazy things like that. 


Today, with the benefit of our “Aquaculture Connection”, we have gone beyond the early basics and widened our goals even further in providing proper and professional aquatic nutrition.   From our knowledge and experience in aquaculture feeds for breeding and growing tiny shrimp, fish, and shellfish, including seafood products for human consumption, we know how to supplement our diets with key nutrients to provide complete nutrition.    We use only the most advanced formulations of vitamins, amino acids, carotenoid pigments, Omega-3 fish oils and krill oils, anti-oxidants, bio-flavonoids, pre-biotics, probiotics, and more.


 Our production is focused on quality and freshness.   Every ingredient is carefully prepared and thoroughly cleaned in a temperature-controlled environment.   Once mixed and packaged, the product is immediately sent to the blast freezer to be frozen quickly.   The final product is formulated to be clean, fresh and natural with the correct proportions of product, nutrients, and water.  When the consumer uses the product, the release of food items into the aquarium water should be gradual and with easy separation so that the ingredients appear to “come alive” and excite the fish and invertebrates into a virtual feeding frenzy.

    The goal is not just to drive your fish crazy in the short term, but to promote health, coloration, and well-being in the long term.   This is when we have done our job.    Proper and complete nutrition is so important to the stability and perpetual growth and disease resistance of the aquarium inhabitants.   Feed your aquarium correctly and efficiently and 90% of your problems will be eliminated.   

    Success with your aquarium can be easily accomplished in today’s hobby.   It all comes down to the basics:  filtration, lighting, habitat water-quality, and FEEDING.  It’s all about the balance, and as we say:  

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE VITALITY                   

                    VIBRANT COLORS  AND          VORACIOUS  APPETITES .


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